The Guest List

For a murder mystery novel that will be almost impossible to put down, The Guest List delivers. On an Island off the coast of Ireland, we meet some of the most unlikable yet intriguing characters as they come together to celebrate the union of two people. The venue is luxurious, the location is remote, andContinue reading “The Guest List”

A Crooked Tree

A Crooked Tree by Una Mannion is a coming of age story that is told through the lens of Libby Gallagher. Libby is forced to grow up fast when her sibling faces a traumatic experience that changes everyone’s lives. In this story, you’ll feel anxious, sad, joyful, and more. There are so many pieces toContinue reading “A Crooked Tree”

Such a Fun Age

This is probably one of the more challenging book reviews to write for several reasons. Such a Fun Age tackles important topics of racial inequality, white privilege, and societal issues. These are never easy to approach so I do commend her for this. However, although it addresses these really important issues, I feel that itContinue reading “Such a Fun Age”

The Last Mrs. Parrish

True crime, thrillers, and murder mysteries are my absolute favorite genres. The Last Mrs. Parrish, although it’s a psychological thriller, in my opinion is not. I would say this book incorporates more drama than thrill or maybe even a slight concept of dark humor or just plain fiction. However, that doesn’t go to say thatContinue reading “The Last Mrs. Parrish”

It’s Always the Husband

If you’ve ever watched any movie ever, when a woman goes missing or is killed, who is always the number one suspect? This murder mystery novel, “It’s Always the Husband” puts that theory to the test with no shortage of potential suspects. Three frenemies, an overbearing husband, and a mister on the side. So whoContinue reading “It’s Always the Husband”

American Dirt

Have you ever read a book that just completely made you forget the rest of the world? As if you’re lost in the words and immersed so deeply that you’re on the emotional journey with the characters. If you have never experienced such an incredible feeling before, you will when you read American Dirt. AmericanContinue reading “American Dirt”

One Day in December

This months book club choice was a little different than the average selection but it was still a good one. Josie Silver’s One Day in December is Hallmark holidays meets Lifetime movies in a book. If you’re looking for an easy read to cuddle up by the fire with during the holidays, One Day inContinue reading “One Day in December”

Midnight Sun

If one good thing came from the 2020 quarantine, it was the release of Midnight Sign – or so I thought. If you’re a twi-hard fan then you’ve been waiting anxiously for almost a decade for this. Probably ever since Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 was released to read this book. There was even aContinue reading “Midnight Sun”

The Outsider

Well, we’ve finished another book in book club, ‘The Outsider’ by Stephen King. I’m not super excited about this one but just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that you won’t. After all, that’s what a review is for. To help you make a decision on whether you want to read it. So althoughContinue reading “The Outsider”


Now you all know I love Nikki and Brie Bella and have been following them for years through wrestling, reality, businesses, and now babies. So when I found out that they were coming out with a memoir, I immediately pre-ordered it. Sure, I’ve seen their lives play out on TV. However, we’ve never been shownContinue reading “Incomparable”