Valentine’s Day and quarantine will be a completely new experience for 2021. Last year at this time, we were still in denial about the virus and going about our every day lives. This year, things will look a little different when it comes to Valentine’s day romance. That doesn’t mean that it’s ruined though. You should still plan a fun night with your significant other and make it special. If you’re struggling with getting creative, I’ve come up with a few indoor Valentine’s date ideas that are fun and will help you forget that you’re stuck inside.

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Well, it’s official. We have finally come to the day where I’ve accepted that concerts and shows will no longer be a thing, at least anytime soon. So when I was searching for local drive-in movies to get date night inspiration for Justin and I, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Kane Brown was having a drive-in concert happening the next week! Now, you may think that a drive-in concert would be kind of lame but I would have to disagree. Here is why as well as tips to prepare you if you decide to try it.

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If you didn’t know by now, I love wine. Wine tasting is one of my favorite hobbies not only because of the wine itself but because of the elegance and experience that comes along with it. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up, be classy, and just enjoy that moment of having some of the finer things. Because of this, I’ m always thinking up new and fun activities that my family and myself can enjoy together which is where I came up with blind wine tasting.

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With the stress of COVID and social injustice all around us every day, it’s so important to unplug for a while and just enjoy the simple things. It may not be as easy to get away or take a vacation as it once was but sometimes you don’t have to go very far. Since many campgrounds are either closed or all packed up with people who have waited to get out there, my family and I decided to get creative and do a little backyard camping.

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