Podcast Recommendation: Life is Short with Justin Long

For laid back celebrity interviews with a hint of comedy, Wondery presents Life is Short with Justin Long. A lighthearted podcast hosted by actor Justin Long and his brother Christian. Each week he interviews a different celebrity from actors to athletes to musicians and digs deeper with them to find out what’s important in theirContinue reading “Podcast Recommendation: Life is Short with Justin Long”

The Guest List

For a murder mystery novel that will be almost impossible to put down, The Guest List delivers. On an Island off the coast of Ireland, we meet some of the most unlikable yet intriguing characters as they come together to celebrate the union of two people. The venue is luxurious, the location is remote, andContinue reading “The Guest List”

Strawberry Whiskey Delight

Ingredients 3 strawberries with stem removed 8-10 mint leaves 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 oz whiskey 1 oz simple syrup 1 tbsp sugar Lemon wedge for rim of glass Directions Step 1: To prep your glass, take the lemon wedge and rub it around the rim of the glass until it’s wet. Then, dip theContinue reading “Strawberry Whiskey Delight”

Whiskey Summer Breeze

Ingredients 2 oz whiskey 2 dashes of orange bitters 1 part orange juice 1 part ginger ale Orange slice Directions Step 1: In a short glass, put an orange slice at the bottom and add the bitters. Gently muddle for about 15 seconds. Step 2: Add in the whiskey, orange juice, and ginger. Give itContinue reading “Whiskey Summer Breeze”

A Crooked Tree

A Crooked Tree by Una Mannion is a coming of age story that is told through the lens of Libby Gallagher. Libby is forced to grow up fast when her sibling faces a traumatic experience that changes everyone’s lives. In this story, you’ll feel anxious, sad, joyful, and more. There are so many pieces toContinue reading “A Crooked Tree”

Podcast Recommendation: The Vaping Fix

You’ve probably heard that vaping is dangerous, and you may have seen the anti-vaping commercials on TV becoming more prevalent. However, if you’re like me, you may not really understand what the dangers of vaping are. Or the story behind the creation for that matter. The Vaping Fix hosted by Laura Beil, the same reporter behind Dr. Death takesContinue reading “Podcast Recommendation: The Vaping Fix”

Watermelon Whiskey Chill

Ingredients Cucumber slices Watermelon slice 2 oz. whiskey 1/4 cup watermelon juice Ginger Ale to fill Directions Step 1: In a mason jar combine whiskey, watermelon juice, and ginger ale. Step 2: Fill glass with ice and garnish with cucumbers and watermelon slice. This watermelon whiskey chill makes for the perfect refreshing beverage over theContinue reading “Watermelon Whiskey Chill”

2021 Swimsuit Trends

It’s almost officially Summer and it’s the moment we have ALL been waiting for. By now you’ve probably heard the term “vaxxed and waxed” and I am here for it. We’ve been locked up for a year now and it’s time to get out and live a little. So whip out the cute little outfitsContinue reading “2021 Swimsuit Trends”

Podcast Recommendation: Even the Rich

I’ve decided to take a quick break from true crime podcasts and dive into something a little more light hearted. Don’t worry though, it’ll be short lived and I’m sure I’ll have more recommendations for true crime soon. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to Even the Rich. A comedy podcast that goes behind theContinue reading “Podcast Recommendation: Even the Rich”

Whiskey Peach Cocktail

Ingredients 2 oz whiskey .5 oz simple syrup Mint Peach Ginger beer to fill Directions Step 1: In a shaker glass add 2 slices of peaches and 3 mint leaves and gently muddle until soft. Step 2: Add in the whiskey, simple syrup, and ice. Shake until the shaker becomes frosty. Step 3: Strain theContinue reading “Whiskey Peach Cocktail”