Podcast Recommendation: Life is Short with Justin Long

Podcast Recommendation: Life is Short with Justin Long

For laid back celebrity interviews with a hint of comedy, Wondery presents Life is Short with Justin Long. A lighthearted podcast hosted by actor Justin Long and his brother Christian. Each week he interviews a different celebrity from actors to athletes to musicians and digs deeper with them to find out what’s important in their life. Whether it be what gives them meaning or which Golden Girl they most closely relate to. Because, well life is short, so why waste time with the unimportant stuff!

If you’re not familiar with Justin Long, he’s an actor/comedian starring in movies such as ‘Jeepers Creepers’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, and ‘Going the Distance’ to name a few. His sense of comedy is what attracted me to this podcast in the first place especially because it incorporates celebrity interviews. The thing that I like most about Life is Short with Justin Long, is that the interviews are very conversational. You can tell that he is new to the podcast and interviewing process however because of how he handles them. He often stutters or goes on tangents where you want more from the guest but instead he steals the conversation. Most times, he’s able to reel it back in but sometimes the original question gets lost.

The other really interesting part of this is that he interviews such a wide variety of people. One week he’ll have Paris Hilton on and the next he’ll have Deepak Chopra. There’s something for everyone. He starts each episode with light banter with his brother Christian and then segues into the interview. The interview is usually about an hour with casual informative conversations about the guests backstory. Then, it winds down with a lightning round including an array of questions to get to know them better. Finally, it ends back with the conversation between Justin and Christian critiquing how the interview went and reading listeners letters.

If you’re into celebrity updates and digging beyond the surface level stuff you hear in most podcasts, then definitely take a listen.

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