The Guest List

For a murder mystery novel that will be almost impossible to put down, The Guest List delivers. On an Island off the coast of Ireland, we meet some of the most unlikable yet intriguing characters as they come together to celebrate the union of two people. The venue is luxurious, the location is remote, and the guest list is exclusive. But what happens when people all with their own secrets and deception gather under one roof on an island? There’s a storm on the horizon and it’s not just part of the forecast.

Jules, a stunning and successful bride-to-be is ready to marry Will, the super handsome TV star. Together they seem like the picture perfect couple but of course, everyone has their secrets. Is Will, the boarding school alum as perfect as he seems or is there something beneath the surface to watch out for? Is Jules a very well put together magazine publisher or is she simply short-tempered and self centered? Only time will tell whether these two will have the happily ever after they’ve come to the island for.

We also hear from Hannah, the plus-one whose husband Charlie is Jules’ best friend She. is so desperately looking forward to this weekend getaway to bring them closer together. But will something prevent that from happening? Johnno is the best man of Will and oldest friend from their boarding school days. They live for those glory days and never miss a beat when it comes to reminiscing. However, something seems dark about this time and there’s a deep guilt looming over him. Olivia is the bridesmaid and also Jules’ half-sister. She’s introverted and depressed and would rather be anywhere than at her “perfect” sister’s wedding. Last but not least, there’s the wedding planner Aoife. This high profile wedding is going to be the first of its kind and put her and the island on the map.

So the guest list is set and the celebration begins. From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding night, we start to really learn more about each character as they tell the story from their perspectives. We begin to learn that not only do they each have something to hide but that they’re not as different as they may think. The champagne is popped, the cake is cut and the storm comes in full force. When the lights go out a server appears with a look of horror from what she finds outside…a bloody body. So who’s body is it and what is the motive? You’ll have to read to find out.

I would definitely recommend this book which is hard to put down. Lucy Foley does such a great job with the details that you almost feel like you’re at this wedding but happy that you’re not. She brings the characters to life in a way where you want to know more yet you also dislike them. This murder mystery will keep you on your toes and continuing to guess what could happen next. Unlike most novels of this kind, I do not find it to be predictable and there are nice plot twists where you don’t expect them.

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