Podcast Recommendation: The Vaping Fix

You’ve probably heard that vaping is dangerous, and you may have seen the anti-vaping commercials on TV becoming more prevalent. However, if you’re like me, you may not really understand what the dangers of vaping are. Or the story behind the creation for that matter. The Vaping Fix hosted by Laura Beil, the same reporter behind Dr. Death takes us to the beginning. She introduces us to where it all started, how it became so bad, and what’s happening now to control it.

There is much controversy behind who actually created the first vaping device. But, for this story it follows two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Adam Bowen and James Monsees. These two got the idea while studying at Stanford University. They created the e-cigarette device called Ploom which eventually evolved into the well-known name, Juul. Juul quickly advanced into a billion-dollar company with its efforts to steer people away from smoking and alternatively using a more natural smoking device. That quickly backfired when instead of getting current smokers to switch over to the e-cigarette device, they were getting a new wave of smokers.

The marketing that Juul was pushing out used a younger generation and party scenes to sell the product. Rather than introducing the product as a cigarette replacement, they chose to market the product as the new hottest trend in social settings. Because of this, most smokers who have been smoking all their lives didn’t take to the transition. Instead, this became more prevalent among teenagers.

In 2018, the company grew so large that Altria, one of the world’s largest cigarettes manufacturers bought a percentage of Juul. This lost trust in a lot of people knowing that the company that was against the cigarette industry, was now joining forces with them.

The direct known effects on Juul users are still not confirmed. However, it is suspected that the liquid pods contain dangerous compounds that can cause inflammation in the airways and lungs. The FDA, Senators, and parents have made it their mission to get answers. The high content of nicotine in these e-cigarettes also can negatively impact brain development, relationships, and moods. The Vaping Fix has tons of information on the e-cigarette industry as well as the lasting effects on its victims and is definitely worth a listen. An educational yet entertaining podcast that will leave you wanting to know more.

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