Watermelon Whiskey Chill

watermelon whiskey chill recipe


Cucumber slices

Watermelon slice

2 oz. whiskey

1/4 cup watermelon juice

Ginger Ale to fill


Step 1: In a mason jar combine whiskey, watermelon juice, and ginger ale.

Step 2: Fill glass with ice and garnish with cucumbers and watermelon slice.

This watermelon whiskey chill makes for the perfect refreshing beverage over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The Fourth of July and watermelon go hand-in-hand so why not incorporate that into your alcoholic beverage? Hard seltzers are increasingly becoming more popular but sometimes you want something a little stronger with a bit more flavor. Summer whiskey drinks aren’t always the easiest to find also, as tequila and vodka become increasingly more popular during the hotter months. However, if you’re a whiskey drinker, you shouldn’t have to change your liking. Instead, just incorporate sweeter and more tropical flavors to your whiskey to get the Summer vibe.

This drink is made with very simple ingredients and two of them are already a go-to. My standard whiskey drink is a whiskey and ginger ale so this is exactly that just with a little bonus. Adding the watermelon juice and the cucumber garnish gives you a fruity but fresh balance. It’s not an overpowering amount of sweetness either. That’s where whiskey drinkers can often be turned off because we typically like a more bitter drink. However, this doesn’t require a lot of watermelon juice and you can put more or less based on preference. Either way, just the slightest dash of the juice will take it from an everyday drink to a Summer refresher.

So, at your next Summer gathering, impress your friends with this super simple and tasty watermelon whiskey chill. They’ll think you’re a bartender and you’ll get to sit back and enjoy your “hard work” with a chill drink. Cheers!

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