2021 Swimsuit Trends

It’s almost officially Summer and it’s the moment we have ALL been waiting for. By now you’ve probably heard the term “vaxxed and waxed” and I am here for it. We’ve been locked up for a year now and it’s time to get out and live a little. So whip out the cute little outfits that have been hiding in your closet all year and let’s dive into some of the 2021 swimsuit trends to get you ready for those tropical vacations.


Okay ladies, let’s face it. How many of us have actually been working out? Now isn’t the time to judge or make yourself guilty for it. We’re all in the same boat and because of that, one-pieces are the perfect option for this. Whether it’s strappy or full coverage, you can’t go wrong. I personally love a one-piece that covers the lower tummy but it’s still open on top. It gives you a little extra boost of confidence by covering certain areas and showing off others.


Most bikini’s don’t offer much coverage or flattery in the chest area so the underwire option is a nice change of pace. It’s especially favorable for those with smaller chests like myself. It’s stylish and with the right pattern and material, it can make for a great photo op.


Bikini’s can be a hit-or miss because they so easily can look like a bra and underwear depending on the pattern and material. Because of that, strappy bikinis are a fun play on this and they also help to cover a little bit more. With coverage in all of the right areas, a good strappy or asymmetrical suit will be complimentary in the areas that you need it most, and concealing in others. They’re also a flirty take on a regular bathing suit.


Cover ups are a must for those days when you feel like you need a little extra coverage. They also make for a great way to add a little extra boost to your bathing suit or bikini outfit. Shein has some great 3-piece sets that are color and pattern coordinated which makes it even easier to cover up and still look great.


When it comes to beach hairstyles, it can be tricky. You want to have the beach waves but the salty air will just ruin your locks. This year’s trend is the hair scarf which can be coordinated to match any look while also keeping your hair tangle free. It’s also super stylish and one more way to accessorize your beach outfit.

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