Blushing Whiskey Cocktail

blushing whiskey cocktail


4 Blackberries

2 oz. whiskey

1 oz. simple syrup

.5 oz. lemon juice

Crushed ice


Step 1: In a shaker, combine 3 of the blackberries, whiskey, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Add ice and shake until the shaker becomes frosty – about 15 seconds.

Step 2: Strain and pour the mixture over crushed ice and garnish with the remaining blackberry.

The blushing whiskey cocktail recipe easily became this year’s favorite Mother’s Day cocktail. Usually, when Mother’s Day rolls around, we get full and bloated on a boozy brunch loaded with mimosas. This year, I decided to take things down a notch and make it a bit more chill but still just as delicious. My Mom loves whiskey, afterall, I take after my Mama! So, I thought I would try to make her a drink that features her favorite liquor while still keeping it classy. That’s where the blushing whiskey cocktail comes in.

The ingredients on this are so minimal that it makes bartending a breeze. I have to admit that I was concerned where the pink color would come in considering no pink ingredients are being used. However, once you get that shaker going, you’ll notice that the blackberry color translates into the cocktail beautifully giving you that light pink hue. The original recipe calls for 2 oz. of simple syrup but I like it less sweet so I opted for just 1 oz. This gives you the sweet natural sugar balance from the blackberry without the additional simple syrup. Serving this over crushed ice makes for a refreshing outdoor drink. You get ice chips in every sip to keep you cool. The blushing whiskey cocktail is one that will last throughout the Summer and will definitely be a future Mother’s Day go-to. Cheers!

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