It’s Always the Husband

It's always the husband

If you’ve ever watched any movie ever, when a woman goes missing or is killed, who is always the number one suspect? This murder mystery novel, “It’s Always the Husband” puts that theory to the test with no shortage of potential suspects. Three frenemies, an overbearing husband, and a mister on the side. So who really did it and how did it get this far?

Let’s start by saying that this book will more than likely not immediately suck you in. For me, it was the title that attracted me. I love a good murder mystery. However, it’s a slow starter that introduces you to three young women; Kate, Jenny, and Aubrey who become roommates at Carlisle College. All three have completely different personalities. Kate is the wild party girl with the world at her feet and everything accessible with a swipe of daddy’s credit card. Jenny is ambitious and hungry for success. Aubrey just wants to separate herself from her poverty stricken family and feels like Carlisle is the golden ticket.

Throughout the first half of the book, there is a lot of character development which is understandable, but these also aren’t the most interesting characters in their college years. They have the average life of partying and drama. Kate becomes obsessed and entangled in a love interest that used to be Jenny’s. Jenny will do whatever it takes to build status even if that means snitching to Kate’s father every time she see’s her doing something wrong. And Aubrey, well, she becomes a bit of a basket case.

Then things switch over to the adult versions of themselves, and that is where things get interesting. We learn that Kate ends up with Griff, a former college fling that she walks all over but only stayed with for his deep pockets. Jenny marries Luca’s cousin and becomes the Mayor where she is very well known and respected. Aubrey seems to have the perfect life considering where she came from. She marries a doctor, has three kids, and starts her own business. Yet something is still missing. Oh that’s right, she’s in love with Griff, Kate’s husband. There is one secret that is still keeping them all tied together though even after 20 years. What happened that night on the bridge with Lucas? Only the three of them know the truth and they’ll take it to their grave. Or at least one of them will.

In this second half, we learn which one of them has been killed. Or was it suicide? The guessing continues as we’re introduced to the detective on the case who seems to have his own motives for solving it. Was it one of the roommates who killed this person? Or was it one of their husbands? Because after all, it’s always the husband.

Overall, I would say that this is a good book but it wasn’t a super page turner or kept me on the edge of my seat. Sure, it has the mystery factor and it did have a twist at the end which was a bonus. However, I do have to say it fell short in the overall story. There were too many details that I think could be left out. Also, none of the characters were likeable. Normally by the end of a book I take a liking or find a connection with at least one but I disliked all of them in this particular story. Regardless, it’s still a good read and I would recommend that you check it out especially is you like mystery books.

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