The Godfather Cocktail

the godfather cocktail


1.5 oz whiskey

.5 oz. amaretto liqueur

lemon for garnish


Step 1: In an old fashioned glass, pour the scotch and amaretto.

Step 2: Stir well and top with ice cube and garnish with lemon.

Now that we’ve gotten back into the swing of things when it comes to whiskey cocktails, it’s time to ditch the sweeteners and go simple. Not that I don’t love a good dash of simple syrup or splash of juice, but sometimes less is more. The Godfather cocktail is exactly that.

This classic cocktail has been around since the 70’s and it’s no wonder why it’s still popular to this day. It contains only two ingredients (three if you want to add garnish) so it’s perfect for those quick after work decompression drinks. The Godfather cocktail is most definitely a slow sipping drink. It might even put a little hair on your chest if you don’t typically drink this sort of bitter cocktail. However, if you love the smoothness that whiskey delivers, this mixed drink is for you.

Amaretto has a deliciously sweet and nutty finish so when you combine this with the smoky taste of whiskey, you have the perfect combination. This cocktail is especially delicious in the winter time. It warms you up inside and doesn’t require a lot of ice or have the fruity flavors that most Spring and Summer drinks include. So skip the shaker this time and keep it classic with the Godfather cocktail and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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