Whiskey Smash Cocktail

whiskey smash cocktail


8-10 mint leaves

1 half of a lemon’s juice

Juice of choice to fill (fruit punch in this case)

1 tbsp simple syrup

2 oz whiskey

Cube or crushed ice


Step 1: In a glass use a muddler to mash the mint leaves at the bottom.

Step 2: In the same glass add the lemon juice, simple syrup and the whiskey. Stir the ingredients together and let the mint settle to the bottom.

Step 3: Fill the glass halfway with ice and pour juice over. Add remaining ice to fill and garnish with mint.

As I was looking for Valentine’s Day themed cocktails with whiskey incorporated, I came across this fun twist on a mojito. I actually do enjoy drinking mojitos for the minty freshness but I’m not a big fan of rum so this is perfect. I chose this drink not only for its color which will be great for Valentine’s Day but also its name 😉 Yes, all pun intended for the whiskey smash cocktail. This drink will hopefully bring lots of luck to all of you lovers out there on this special day coming up.

This cocktail is also super easy to make and lets you feel like a real bartender by muddling the mint and garnishing with it too. The classic whiskey smash cocktail does not include juice, however. Instead, it just uses the lemon juice. But, I wanted to add that pop off color to create a theme so feel free to get creative with that and add any juice of your choice or color to add the finishing touch.

This will also be a great cocktail of choice for those hotter months during the Summer when you’re looking for something a little more refreshing to drink but don’t want to sacrifice the whiskey taste. But for now, set your romantic date and include a whiskey smash to your agenda this Valentine’s Day. Cheers!

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