Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

In a COVID world, Valentine’s Day outfit ideas just got a little bit trickier. In California, things are still on lockdown and our restaurants are just barely opening again for outdoor dining…in the Winter. This doesn’t give a lot of incentive to dress up and want to go out. However, here are some outfit ideas to inspire you and hopefully get you back into the spirit.

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Whether you’re sitting on the couch alone with a box of chocolates and your dog, or you’re cuddled up with your significant other, these lounge looks are perfect for both. Keep it cute and flirty with matching pajama sets or a silky robe. Have a little fun with a graphic sweatshirt that you can wear with jeans, leggings, or joggers. It still doesn’t require to dress up, but if you need to leave the house yet keep the laid back look, this is a great option. These are all super affordable options and some you can wear even after Valentine’s Day.


Graphic tees are one of the go-to ways to “dress” for the occasion. They require minimal effort which makes styling easy. You can throw it on with comfy pants and sneakers or you can add a little flare with a cute pump.


If you plan to do a fancy outdoor dinner, remember to take a jacket. But more importantly, take advantage of this. Who knows when the last time you’ve had the opportunity to throw on a sexy dress and some heels. This is your time to shine and show your significant other what’s been hiding under the sweats and pj’s all these months. Because we are in the colder months, you’ll notice several long sleeve dress options here that are more practical but still super cute.

No matter what you decide to do, there’s a style choice here for you so put on the best of your best or just your best casual look. Either way, make it fun and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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