Podcast Recommendation: Death of a Starlet

Death of a Starlet

Wondery has done it again with another true crime podcast mini series, Death of a Starlet. Hosted by Tracy Pattin and Josh Lucas (major older guy hottie), Death of a Starlet tells the story of the rise and fall of Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten. This 5 episode series is full of glamour, love, and revenge. What else could you ask for?

Dorothy Stratten, formerly known as Dorothy Hoogstraten, was just a teenager when she was “discovered” at a local Dairy Queen in Canada. I put discovered in quotes because 26 year old Paul Snider, a club promoter and overall fuck boy as we would call it today is the one who laid his pervy eyes on her. It was apparent that she didn’t realize how beautiful she was but Paul saw it and he wanted in. After their one interaction, he was able to convince her to go on a date even though he was way older. He would eventually persuade her to pose for nude photos to send into Playboy magazine. You could say the rest is history, but there are a lot of factors that led to the death of Dorothy Stratten. These 3 men who played vital roles in her life and career are part of it.

  • Paul Snider – After sending the pictures of Dorothy into Playboy, she was chosen as a finalist for the 25th anniversary Playmate Hunt. Paul saw his golden ticket in Dorothy. He became her manager and eventually conned her into marrying him. At this point he was using her for her name, her money, and always looking for the next get rich quick scheme. However, even though the love was lacking, it was apparent that he would never let her go or divorce her.
  • Hugh Hefner – He saw Dorothy as his next star. She had a na├»ve innocence about her that almost made him look past at her at first. Then he realized that her rising story would turn heads. A Dairy Queen worker turned Playboy model. It doesn’t get much better than that. She grew into a Woman before his eyes and in 1980 he awarded her with Playmate of the Year. He knew that she had a bright future ahead. Because of this, he allegedly told her to cut ties with Paul on multiple occasions. But, regardless of her personal life, his determination for her to grow to her full potential came first. She would crossover into acting.

Peter Bogdonovich – He was a Hollywood director who met Dorothy on the set of They All Laughed. They began having an affair that blossomed into a full relationship. He saw her acting talent and wanted to make her his next movie muse. Peter was falling in love with Dorothy and fast. However, as long as she was still connected to Paul, they could never be truly happy together until she threatened to leave Paul once and for all.

So who killed Dorothy? Three men in her life, all interested in her for different qualities yet one the same. Her beauty. Death of a Starlet takes you back to the 70’s and 80’s to feel the power of Playboy and Hugh Hefner during this time. An empire that everyone wanted a piece of. Full of sex, parties, and gorgeous Women. Unfortunately, for one, the ending wasn’t stardom. Take a listen on your favorite podcast streaming app and leave a comment!

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