Indoor Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day and quarantine will be a completely new experience for 2021. Last year at this time, we were still in denial about the virus and going about our every day lives. This year, things will look a little different when it comes to Valentine’s day romance. That doesn’t mean that it’s ruined though. You should still plan a fun night with your significant other and make it special. If you’re struggling with getting creative, I’ve come up with a few indoor Valentine’s date ideas that are fun and will help you forget that you’re stuck inside.

Spa Night

Both you and your significant other deserve a stress free and relaxing night to drown out all the chaos. Start the evening with a bubble bath, candles, and champagne. Then, put a comfy robe on and do each other’s face masks. This can be a fun and silly way to connect as you unwind. Put some ambient music on, a diffuser if you have one, and candles for mood lighting. While you let the face mask set, this is a great time for intimate conversation. If you want to add more, incorporate massages or mani’s and pedi’s to give each other a little extra TLC.

Romantic Dinner

If outdoor dining isn’t open, bring the experience home. Get take-out from a local upscale restaurant that you haven’t dined at in awhile. Or, maybe there’s a restaurant that has significant meaning to you as a couple that you both have missed. You’ll not only be supporting the restaurant business during a difficult time but then you won’t have to do the cooking. Bring out the candles, fancy dishes, and have a romantic dinner just you two. Take this opportunity to dress up for one another. Chances are that loungewear and athleisure have become your new uniform so bring out your nice clothes that haven’t seen daylight in awhile. This will give each other something to look forward to for later 😉

Paint Night

You’ve probably seen the wine and paint classes before and might have in fact done one already. Well, save your $60 and have a private wine and paint party just for you two. You can purchase the canvas, paints, and paintbrushes at any craft store and don’t forget the wine. Depending on your skill level, you can find the design you’ll want to mimic on Google images. Set that picture up on your phone or computer and then you two can navigate your way together or separately to figure out how to create that image. It can also be fun if you’re competitive. In the end, you’ll both be drinking and enjoying each others company so however it comes out, you’ll have a good story.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting nights are super fun and easy. I prefer to do a blind wine tasting which makes it more interesting. For this, you’ll get 2 or more bottles (based on preference) and your significant other will do the same. Then, you’ll put them in paper lunch bags to hide the wine label. Number a paper from 1 to however many bottles of wine there are and then label the bags with numbers 1 through however many you have as well.

Next, you’ll taste each wine and rate it on the number line that has the corresponding number on the bag. Rate 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. In the end tally up the numbers and there will be a winner. To accompany your tasting, set up a charcuterie board with meat, cheese, nuts, and fruit to give it a fun flair.

Game Night

Bring out each others competitive side with a game night. This can be videogames, board games, card games, or games on your phone. Either way, you’re bound to feel like a kid again playing together. Order a pizza and try a new cocktail recipe together to really make it fun. Afterall, a little buzz can make for a lot of fun.

Themed Night

You can get really creative with themed nights and it gives you the opportunity to “travel” to another place since you can’t actually travel. Pick a place, for example, France. Your dinner menu will consist of French foods and desserts. You can either order do take-out or make it fun by cooking something new together. Try experimenting and make French cocktails and then end the evening with a movie that is either French or an English movie that takes place in France. You can do this with any place, you just choose where you want to go.

Journal Together

If you want to feel connected emotionally and get intimate with your feelings, journaling is a perfect way to do this. Some people are better when they write things down rather than when they say them out loud, myself included. Journaling can help with this and it’s also a positive way to mentally unwind. You and your partner can go in separate rooms and journal your thoughts and feelings individually. It can be about work, life, your relationship or anything. Whatever is on your mind, let it fall onto the page. Then when you’re both done, come back to each other and read aloud what you’ve written. You can really learn a lot about each other so whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been together for years, this can help to connect even deeper.

Picnic in the Backyard

If you don’t have a backyard that doesn’t mean that you can’t do this. Simply bring the picnic indoors. Get a blanket and lay it on the floor as you would if you go for an outdoor picnic. Grab a bunch of picnic goodies like champagne, charcuterie, mini sandwiches, and other snacks. Something about eating out of your normal element can help to take you out of your day to day routine and out of your comfort zones. This gives the chance to have real conversation.

Whatever the special day is looking like for you, I hope that these indoor Valentine’s date ideas will help to make it even more memorable.

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