Podcast Recommendation: Dr. Death Season 2

Dr. Death season 2

Since I was working at home for most of December, my podcast listening has declined a bit. But I’m back to my lengthy commute and ready for some juicy content. This month, I started Dr. Death season 2. If you haven’t listened to season 1, I highly recommend it. It’s a true-crime podcast as usual, so if you’re squeamish then I would steer clear. Otherwise, it’s a must listen to and will have you searching for a second opinion the next time you visit your Doctor. Season 2 is just as startling as the first but focuses on a different killer Doctor.

Laura Beil and Wondery return with another jaw-dropping story taking an in-depth look at Dr. Farid Fata. Dr. Fata is a hematologist/ oncologist who betrayed the trust of his patients to benefit his own pockets. How did he do this exactly? Well, you could look on any informative website and find the ins and outs of this case, but what the podcast gives you that those articles won’t, are the stories directly from his patients and employees.

Dr. Fata had one of the largest oncology practices in Michigan with the most state of the art equipment and facilities. Getting a referral to Dr. Fata was like hitting the jackpot. If you were given his name, you knew you were in good hands. That is until he tells you that you have cancer when you feel fairly healthy. More than likely, if you visited Dr. Fata’s office, you were coming out with a cancer diagnosis and a prescription for chemotherapy. But how is this possible when you feel fine? Well, that’s where the serious problem arises.

Dr. Fata falsely diagnosed hundreds of his patients with cancer and prescribed chemotherapy as well as other medications. This allowed him to get a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies and submit fraudulent charges to health insurance companies. While he was rolling in the money, his patients were becoming significantly ill. These otherwise, healthy patients were now starting to see other issues arise from these medications that they didn’t need. This included heart attacks, severe nausea, and loss of teeth in one patient! Dr. Fata was ultimately reported, arrested, and charged after laundering a shit ton of money. He received a sentencing of 45 years in federal prison but sadly, the people who lost their lives or are now sick because of his lack of treatment, are still suffering.

Dr. Death season 2 is a must listen to for any true crime junky. It’s only 5 episodes that keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to hear more. Go behind the scenes and get the full story on your favorite podcast streaming app.

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