Maple Old Fashioned

maple old fashioned whiskey recipes

Cheers to the first of my whiskey recipes, a maple old fashioned!

I’ve been a wine-o for many years and only recently within the past couple of years, I’ve taken a liking to whiskey. Whether it’s whiskey on ice or a tasty cocktail, I enjoy tasting the different flavors and ages. From Canadian to American and Irish to Japanese, my husband and I have really grown to enjoy all the different varieties.

This particular cocktail is perfect for a Fall evening. I wanted something a little bit sweeter since the whiskey we had on hand was very strong. I came across a few different variations of the maple old fashioned and decided to try it with just a little twist which was adding the brown sugar. It sweetens it up just a bit more without being overwhelmingly sweet. Adding the apples also really helps with the balance of the sweet and bitter that you may find in this drink. Here’s what you’ll need and I hope you enjoy!


2 oz. whiskey or bourbon of your choice

.5 oz maple syrup

2 dash aromatic bitters

1/4 tsp brown sugar

Apple slices for garnish

First, measure out 2 oz. of whiskey or bourbon of your choice. Of course, you can always add more depending on your preference. For this particular cocktail, I used Monkey Shoulder which is a malt whiskey so it’s perfect for mixing.

Then you’ll add the maple syrup, aromatic bitters, and the brown sugar. I didn’t have any maple syrup around, so I used regular syrup and it tasted just as good. Mix all of the ingredients together until you have a nice blended drink.

Next, slice apples thinly and you can either garnish the cup with them, or you can put it right inside the drink to eat after. Top with a cube of ice and voila! You’re ready for a Fall night in.

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