Podcast Recommendation: To Live and Die in LA

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With gyms opening back up again, I’m finally able to get my listening time back in. At the top of my list to listen to is “To Live and Die in LA” podcast. Yes, it’s another true crime series. What else can you expect from me? This series from Tenderfoot TV and hosted by journalist Neil Strauss will keep you guessing until the very end to uncover the truth about the mysterious disappearance of Adea Shabani.

Adea Shabani was a 25 year old aspiring actress and model. Like many, she moved to L.A. to reach her dream of stardom. When in L.A., she enrolled in acting classes at Stella Adler Studio of Acting where she met Chris Spotz. Chris Spotz was her on again off again boyfriend and also the last person that she was seen with before she disappeared. Adea had plans to go with Spotz to Sacramento where his Father lived and where his Uncle had allegedly passed away. Adea didn’t pass up the opportunity to be closer to Spotz family and therefore, instead of going on a trip to Mexico with her friend Christian, she went with Spotz to never be seen again.

So let’s lay out the suspects.

  • Chris Spotz: This was not only Adea’s boyfriend, he was also engaged to another Woman, Mary Elmalak. The relationship between Adea and Chris started becoming volatile though as she threatened to tell Mary about them. However, Chris and Adea signed a lease to move in together, he told her he wanted to marry her and she even told friends she thought she may pregnant with his baby. Despite this, Chris admits to driving North with Adea. He alleges that he and Adea got into an argument and he let her out of the car. His story to Mary was a bit different, where he claimed that he was heading to Gilroy to get some peace of mind. His other version of the story to her was that he was taking Adea to Magic Mountain to break up with her. However, the real shock comes when Spotz is targeted in a high speed chase. I’ll let you listen to find out what happens next BUT an innocent person would not have done what he did!
  • Chris Meraz: This is Chris Spotz biological Father and the person who’s house he was headed to with Adea. Remember, Spotz’ uncle had allegedly died so they were going to Sacramento to visit his Father. Spotz had told his friends that he believed Meraz had something to do with the disappearance of Adea. Spotz alleged that Meraz had probably picked up Adea after he dropped her off during the argument.

On March 27th, 2018, Adea’s body was found in Nevada County just North of Sacramento. It was concluded that she died from blunt force trauma to the head. So, what happened? Well, even after listening to the podcast, all we have is speculation. However, it seems almost certain that Spotz and Meraz collectively had something to do with it. You’ll definitely have to listen to hear it all unfold.

Now, one thing that makes this whole thing even more interesting is that Neil Strauss is recording the “To Live and Die in LA” podcast as the investigation is happening. He’s able to capture real time reactions and alibis to see it all come together. He is doing the behind the scenes investigating that the police just weren’t doing to help come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, to this day no one has been charged with the murder of Adea Shabani.

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