Podcast Recommendation: Over My Dead Body

over my dead body

It has become a tradition to listen to podcasts when Justin and I go on road trips to give us something fun to talk about. So, we had to continue this when we went to Santa Barbara recently. He always leaves me in charge of finding the podcast and that’s when I came across ‘Over My Dead Body’ by Wondery. I was sold because afterall, anything done by Wondery has been good in my opinion. This true crime series goes behind closed doors of a seemingly perfect couple whose divorce takes a nasty and deadly turn.

Hosted by Matthew Shaer, ‘Over My Dead Body’ investigates the story of Wendi Adelson and Dan Markel. They were two lawyers with the perfect love story. Or so it seemed. That is until details reveal all of their problems that they have. However, what was most surprising is when Wendi unexpectedly took their two kids and filed for divorce. As with most divorces, it was nasty and vengeful fighting over custody and assets. Unlike most divorces though, this one came to a cruel end when Dan Markel was found murdered.

Now, when a murder occurs or a person goes missing during a tumultuous divorce, all fingers usually point to the ex. However, in this case Wendi Adelson was clean. Her alibi checked out so she can’t have done it. Or maybe not directly. Now, when you hear the police tapes of when they break the news to her about Dan’s death, it’s hard to listen to. Not because she’s annoying (although she is), but more so because she is willing to turn on any and everyone. She even goes so far as to mention that her brother, Charlie Adelson, has made a joke before about hiring a hitman to get rid of Dan. Who does that?! Talk about throwing your brother under the bus.

What comes next is where it gets really juicy. We meet Luis Rivera, Sigfredo Garcia, and Katherine Magbanua. When a Prius is found linked to the murder and Rivera and Garcia, we find out that they are responsible for Markel’s death. However, we still have this lingering question of why? Why would these two men from Miami drive to Tallahassee to kill this professor? Well, that’s where Katherine “Kaity” Magbanua comes in. She is the girlfriend of Garcia and has two kids with him. But that still doesn’t explain why she would want Dan killed. Then we learn that she is the ex-girlfriend of Charlie Adelson…Wendi Adelson’s brother. You remember? The one who made the joke about hiring a hitman. Yeah, him.

He of course denies all accusations of hiring Magbanua yet she is starting to receive large lump sums of money following Markel’s death. We also hear in their phone conversations that they have sort of a code that they talk in and he’s very secretive because he knows the FBI is listening. It’s all VERY shady. But if Charlie did hire them to kill Dan, did he do it on his own? Were Wendi’s parents involved since they also disliked Dan? Or, is Wendi the brains behind the operation all along and everyone else is her pawn. After all, she does try to stay as out of sight as possible.

So here we are. We have two men, Rivero, and Garcia, that are charged and sentenced in the murder of Dan Markel. We have Magbanua who is still awaiting her retrial which will happen in 2021 because of COVID but she’s likely to get off with less than the men. And we have the Adelson family who are all walking away scot free. In my opinion, this just only emphasizes what power, money, and white privilege can get you. Freedom.

You’ll definitely want to listen to the ‘Over My Dead Body’ podcast series as there are so many details that aren’t covered here. You get to also hear the tapes and recordings which will help to form your own opinion as well as hear the details into what brought this couple to such a turning point. So stream it wherever you get your podcasts and enjoy!

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