Drive-In Concert

Well, it’s official. We have finally come to the day where I’ve accepted that concerts and shows will no longer be a thing. At least anytime soon. So when I was searching for local drive-in movies to get date night inspiration for Justin and I, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Kane Brown was having a drive-in concert happening the next week! Now, you may think that a drive-in concert would be kind of lame but I would have to disagree. Here is why as well as tips to prepare you if you decide to try it.

First, go with people who are in your social ‘bubble.’ Tickets are based on a per car price and they allow up to 6 people per vehicle. If the ticket is $50 per vehicle, that means that you each pay less than $10. That’s a steal! Plus, it’s always more fun if you go with a small group where you can enjoy it together.

Second, get there early! This is a big one. The event started at 7:30 and gates opened at 6:30 so we got there at about 6:40 and it was already filling up fast. Luckily we were still able to find a great spot that was still socially distanced from the others. That one hour of waiting time before the concert starts, you can spend setting up your seating, gathering snacks, and pre-gaming for everyone who is not the driver.

Third, take a vehicle that is a truck, SUV, or has some of hatchback where you can open up. The parking spots are so spaced out that we were able to open the back of our SUV and sit there to watch the show. It was almost as if we were really at a Kane Brown concert where we just couldn’t see him on the stage and instead had to watch him on the big screen.

Fourth, take your own snacks and drinks. Use it to your advantage that you’re able to bring snacks and booze for once and not have to pay obscene amounts for it. If everybody chips in for snacks and drinks, you’ll have plenty to go around.

Lastly, just have fun and make the most of it. Honestly, it’s a reality check when this has become the new normal, however, it did actually feel normal. To be out with my family and enjoy this kind of entertainment was such a change of pace from being at home. It was truly a breath of fresh air to be back in this kind of environment.

Now, when it comes to picking out your outfit, here are my thoughts. If you’re not familiar with Kane Brown, he’s a country artist. With any country concert, it’s a must to either wear cowboy boots or a hat or both. I chose to go with a fringe bootie and a denim dress for a dressy yet still semi-casual look. I topped it off with a hat that wasn’t quite a cowboy hat but slightly more fashionable. Outfit details are at the link below, just click on the picture. You can also find future drive-in concerts here.

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