Blind Wine Tasting “Party”

If you didn’t know by now, I love wine and wine tasting is one of my favorite hobbies. Not only because of the wine itself but because of the elegance and experience that comes along with it. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up and just enjoy that moment of having some of the finer things. Because of this, I’ m always thinking up new and fun activities that my family and myself can enjoy together. That’s where I came up with blind wine tasting.

This is not a new game by any means but it’s one that I learned through my work colleagues, of all places. As the company that I’m working for was ramping up business, we would attend networking mixers all the time. Some more fun than others. But there was one in particular that was especially more fun and that’s because it included wine tasting. So, here’s how it works…

Depending on how many people you have attending your party (which should be super small right now with COVID) you’ll want each guest to bring their own bottle of wine to contribute. It can be any red, white, or rose of their choice. Upon entry, you’ll uncork their bottle and put it in a paper bag. You can use the tall wine bags or regular brown lunch bags. Both work to hide the bottle inside. Then you’ll write a number on the outside of the bag and put it with its designated group (if it’s a red put it with the red and same with whites and roses). Once everyone is there and the bottles are split up correctly, then the fun can begin.

Each guest will have a pen and paper which they’ll number from one to whichever number you ended up with. Then, they’ll go through the tastings of each bottle and rank each wine on a scale of one to five. Be sure that they write the score on their paper next to the corresponding number of the wine they just drank. They will not need to go in order starting at one. Number one could be a red wine and they may choose to go through all of the whites first so their first tasting could be bottle number seven.

Once everyone has a chance to get through all of the wines and score them accordingly, you’ll tally up each wine. Then you’ll get a grand total for each bottle and whichever bottle has the highest score wins! It’s up to you whether you want to have a prize or not. Helpful tip, it does make it more interesting and gives it a competitive spirit.

Blind wine tasting a super fun activity for indoors in the Winter or out in the backyard during the Summer. This past weekend was especially warm so we decided to get outside and taste some refreshing wines. Hope you can enjoy this with your friends or family as well!

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