Podcast Recommendation: My Favorite Murder

This is probably one of the first podcasts that I ever listened to and it did not disappoint. I kept hearing about podcasts and I could never get into that kind of thing until my brother-in-law recommended the My Favorite Murder podcast. It’s a combination of true crime and comedy which I know sounds insane. But, if you’re as obsessed with true crime as I am and don’t like how heavy it can be at times, then this could be for you.

My Favorite Murder is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the perfect complimenting duo. Karen has a history in comedy which radiates and in my opinion carries the show. Whereas Georgia is a little more practical but still super funny when she has Karen to bounce off of. The show usually starts off with about 15-20 mins of banter catching up with each other. They also use this time to promote upcoming merchandise releases and recommend tv shows or podcasts. Then, it’ll transition into Karen or Georgia rolling into their story and then the other person. Each week they have a new episode while incorporating mini episodes. The mini episodes are typically where they read stories submitted by listeners that are true crime related.

If you’re not into vulgar talk or profanity then this probably isn’t going to be right for you. I on the other hand have an “unladylike” tone at times. So I can appreciate that they’re able to just be themselves and not filter it out. Now, if you’re wondering where the comedy comes in, it intertwines into the story without even trying. For example, in Episode 105 Proclensity, they were covering the case of Typhoid Mary. This is obviously a very old yet serious story . However, Karen was able to find the humor in it with her impersonation of Mary. Once you listen to a few episodes and hear things like this, you become a part of their inside jokes which come up later in future episodes.

Another example in Episode 129 Coincidence Island, they cover the Galapagos Affair. This involves a German doctor running off to an island with one of his patients and creating a super simple lifestyle. So simple to the extent that they remove their own teeth to prevent rotting. They even share teeth at some point. Now that’s outrageous! But hilariously told by Karen and Georgia. So you can see how they find small humor in not the actual murder but in the story that leads up to it.

The show always ends with a “fucking hooray” which is their way of lightening up the mood. They each mention one thing that makes them happy for the week and then it always ends with Georgia’s cat Elvis signing off.

So, if you want to become a “murderino,” a true crime follower, then I highly recommend the My Favorite Murder podcast. It’s comedy meets true-crime and they tell it so well that it honestly feels like you’re part of the conversation with them.

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