Shadow Cliffs Lake Fishing

My husband Justin and I love going fishing so it’s no surprise that we’ve attempted going twice before it finally happened. The first time, it was still early in shelter in place and when we got to Lake Chabot, we were overwhelmed by the crowd. So we decided to go back home. The second time, we went to Lake Del Valle in Livermore. To our surprise, although the fishing side was open, the lake itself was closed. So 3 hours and a hell of a sunburn later, we called it a day. Finally, my cousin recommended Shadow Cliffs lake in Pleasanton. This was like heaven compared to what we had already been through.

The lake is closed to the public for any swimming as well as the parking lot. However, it’s still open for fishing…jackpot! We had to park about a mile away but once we reached the lake, finding a fishing dock was easy. They were all open and there were only a few people walking through the park so it was perfect.

Now, I have to admit, we didn’t have the proper fishing bait. Justin prefers the worms but a friend of mine said that they have better luck with chicken liver (in case you ever want to fish there), and you’ll have better luck catching catfish. Of course it’s catch and release but honestly, fishing is just so relaxing.

With good company, music, the Truly hard seltzers flowing, and the sun on your face, there is no better feeling. Plus, since our honeymoon has been postponed, I’ve been dying to bring out some of my swimwear. I’ve linked my bikini, dress, and sunglasses below. My shoes and headband are sold out but you can find similar styles at Forever 21.

Bikini | Dress | Sunglasses

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