Podcast Recommendation: The Bellas Podcast

If you’re not familiar with the Bella Twins, they’re WWE Superstars, entrepreneurs, and all about Women empowerment. Nicole and Brie are WWE retired champions who have their reality show ‘Total Bellas’, Birdiebee clothing company, Nicole + Brizee hair and skin products, Belle Radici wine, and now the The Bellas podcast. These two ladies are unstoppable and such an inspiration to young girls and Women everywhere. Not to mention they’re super hilarious because they’re not the brightest crayons in the box and they’re not afraid to admit it.

I’ve been following the Bella Twins since the reality show ‘Total Divas’ first came out on E! Network. When I saw Brie and Nikki’s relationship it automatically made me think of mine and my sister’s. They fight, they make up, they confide in each other, and they’re best friends. Not to mention they both have a great fashion sense. So when they came out with a podcast I had to listen and see what other super crazy things they had to say.

The podcast takes their hilarity to another level because they’re unfiltered and totally raw. Since the Bellas are both big wine-o’s they always start their show with the ‘opening up’ segment. This is where they pop a bottle of their favorite drink and talk about their week, relevant issues and it’s essentially just girl talk. Sometimes it may seem like TMI but that’s what makes it so fun because you can relate.

They also have a segment called ‘Bella brains’ which originated on their Youtube channel. Bryan Danielson, Brie’s husband hosts this segment and it’s truly comical. He gives them 3 questions that are at least elementary level and listening to them stumble through is pure entertainment.

There are also a couple of other segments that they mix into episodes including, ‘Dear Bellas’, ‘Kill a Rumor’, ‘Heel or Babyface,’ and a debate where fans can vote through Instagram who the winner is. It’s almost like hanging with the girls for happy hour. There’s laughs along with some more serious topics that can be helpful and healing to some.

I typically listen when I’m working out because it’s a nice distraction and almost like having workout buddies. But, you can also grab a cocktail and listen because they do incorporate drinking games. No matter how you listen, I recommend trying out an episode. It’s not for everyone but if you’re looking to turn your brain off for a bit and just “hangout” this is a great way to do it.

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