Backyard Camping

With the stress of COVID and social injustice all around us every day, it’s so important to unplug for a while and just enjoy the simple things. It may not be as easy to get away or take a vacation as it once was but sometimes you don’t have to go very far. Since many campgrounds are either closed or all packed up with people who have waited to get out there, my family and I decided to get creative and do a little backyard camping.

We threw on our “camping clothes,” poured some wine, started a fire, and roasted s’ mores like we would’ve done if we were out in the woods. It was the perfect opportunity for us to get together as a family in a safe social environment. It also helped us feel some sense of normalcy.

Camo is an obvious go-to item when hitting the campgrounds or any button-up flannel. This particular one is a head turner because of what it says on the back. My favorite part is that and keeps people guessing what it means. Although it’s no longer available, there are a few other options similar to mine without the text on the back:

Camo button down Camo Jacket

My white high-waisted shorts are from Amazon and a great deal. I originally purchased these for our honeymoon but since that got postponed, I’ve definitely found other reasons to wear them. They’re super comfortable and not like other cutoffs.

So put on your best camping outfit on and hit the backyard if you have the option. Get creative and find fun ways to still your enjoy your Summer safely.

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