Biker Shorts Trend

Biker shorts are not just for the bike trails anymore. By now I’m sure you’ve noticed how this trend is on the rise and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. From celebrities in the streets to fitness instructors and fashion brands across the board. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of the biker shorts trend and I have to say I am too.

With so many cute designs and lengths available, they’ve become my Summer version of leggings and I’m not mad about it. Whether it’s a lazy day at home or I don’t feel like wearing jeans, these are a must-have athleisure item. Just the way that you can dress leggings up or down, you can do the same with biker shorts. Some days I’ll pair a sweatshirt with it and go laid back. Other days I’ll pair it with a knot front tee and a denim jacket like this one. This just helps to style it up a bit.

When it comes to deciding which style is right for you, you’ll have to be the judge. But in my opinion the longer the better but still keeping it above the knee. I’m 5’6 so my preference is the 9-inch length and high-waist. They’re still short enough to keep you cool but long enough where you can pull them up and hide a little stomach pouch. I also prefer the cotton version for every day wear. If you’re looking to use them for working out, I would recommend a polyester or spandex material. This usually isn’t see-through and offers more of a stretch.

This particular set of biker shorts I’m wearing is now sold out on Forever 21 but you can find many other options on their website as well as SHEIN. They have a ton of different styles to choose from whether patterns or materials. So if you’re debating on trying out this latest trend, go for it and find the right style that works for your body.

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